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Collaborate with Government bodies, International Bodies and Donors

CONIWAS is aware that the task of enabling the poor, marginalized and the unserved to have a voice and demand for improved services is of such magnitude that it cannot achieve much without the support of other stakeholders.

  • Mission

    Working in partnership with sector players to influence policies, remove barriers and promote access to potable water, sanitation and improved hygiene for the poor and vulnerable.
  • Vision

    Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for All for Development through Collective Action
  • Strategic Goal

    Increasing access to sustainable and equitable WASH Services for the poor and deprived in Ghana
WASH Stewardship Awards

The agenda of the Coalition will be to focus on Advocacy at both policy and decentralized levels to strengthen and deepen our role in influencing policies and practices that hinder access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by the people.

WASH Awards
MOLE Conference
MOLE XXIX Conference on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

To ensure improved performance, CONIWAS considers it critical to carry out some diagnosis or social assessments of sector NGOs at the local levels. This will provide the basis for developing capacity/knowledge building, programmes for implementation.

Capacity Building in Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance in Ghanas

CONIWAS is assuming a substantial responsibility of monitoring water and sanitation service delivery at district and community levels. This is meant to ensure that minimum set standards are followed or obeyed.

Capacity building in Water Quality